Is it that time already?

pocket watch
Land sakes. Where has the time gone?

Yes, that’s right. Because you demanded it.

Well, not really, but it has been a while.

So without further ado, time once again for the much-heralded and talked-about Project Status Update Time!

For those unfamiliar with the concept, which I would imagine is pretty clear from the name alone, this is your opportunity to give a quick mention regarding the latest on your latest project, no matter what it is.

Doesn’t have to go into too much detail. Just what you’re currently working on, and how it’s going.

Hit your page quota for today? Got to a pivotal scene or significant plot point? Finished that rewrite? Feeling stuck? Seeking the right wording for that logline?

In search of help/guidance/suggestions of any sort? All you gotta do is ask.

Did a little networking and connected with another writer? Signed a deal? Had a good meeting? Packing up the car and heading for LA?

Got something to crow about? Want to vent any pent-up frustration?

Don’t hold back. You’re among friends here.

Real quick for me. Just about done with the 2nd draft of the low-budget comedy. One sequence needs revising, followed by maybe one more quick polish, and then it’s off to some of my reliable readers.

Also have some reciprocal reading to do for some of those aforementioned readers. Quite excited about diving into these.

How about you?

13 thoughts on “Is it that time already?

  1. Paul, Tomorrow, I’m pitching my TV Pilot to 2 different producers (AM/PM), Just sent a query to a producer regarding one script & another producer is looking at the same script. Also had a request for a different script (Gower Gulch) from the producer who I just queried. Right now I feel like I’m staying in the game swinging at everything that looks close to a strike. Jim

  2. I’ve been writing a screenplay, collaborating with an established writer with an infamous genre classic in his portfolio, trying to learn his style and enable his story concept, taking all his notes, trying to adopt his kinky formatting. It’s challenging, but scene by scene, we are building an interesting, high-budget script. I’ve been kicking out about a 7-10 page scene or two each weekend, and he takes the FD file and cuts it down by about a third and sends it back. Very educational! Meanwhile, I’m studying and studying and studying my own development slate, trying to decide what to write for my next (fourth) screenplay. And entering about one contest a month.

  3. Well, attempting to create the last 16 pages of the first character arc for the proposed web series, and something about 5 pages needed on the end of the sequel to my award winner….

  4. Finished the first draft of a screenplay based on one of my upcoming novels. Going through and writing notes now 🙂

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