Vital Z data

yours truly

Screenwriter for hire – available for original projects, rewrites, polishes, and edits. Works in all genres, but a special fondness for anything involving adventure, comedy, or both

Specialties include: structure & subplots

Author: GO AHEAD AND ASK!, VOLUME 1 – Interviews About Screenwriting (And Pie)

or here

Screenwriter/Script consultant
-here’s my interview on the Creative Writing Careers podcast

Scriptmag’s Screenwriting Website of the Week – Oct 2014 – right here

Screenwriting Spark’s 25 Amazing Screenwriting Blogs – check it out

#32 on Feedspot’s Top 60 Screenwriting Blogs

Social media enthusiast – I’m on Twitter (@maximum_z)

Radio announcer/traffic reporter

Movie buff

Comics/sci-fi geek

Runner of Half-marathons (best so far – 1:51:10)

K’s husband

V’s dad

Foodie/kitchen marvel

Basically, just a swell guy

Want to get in touch with me? Email me –

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