Just get it written first

Hmm. What rhymes with 'Nantucket'?
Hmm. If I could only think of something that rhymes with ‘Nantucket’…

Development of the outline for the low-budget comedy is progressing smoothly. Plot points are in place, so now it moves to the filling-in of the gaps between them.

Although I may jot down ideas for assorted scenes or sequences, I tend to work in a more linear fashion. Start at the beginning, figure out what happens next or how scene A leads to scene B, that sort of thing.

I have to keep reminding myself that especially in this early, early, stage, it’s more important to get the story right first, then worry about the jokes and little details. While developing all those setup scenes for the first ten pages, I still caught myself asking “Is that the funniest you can come up with?”

Trying to stop yourself from self-editing? Not easy.

Additionally, since the emphasis here is on the “low-budget” aspect, another self-imposed challenge is to keep things simple. No special effects, no elaborate sets or costumes, a (hopefully) minimal number of locations. Something that could definitely be made on the cheap.

Again, a lot of this could be handled or fixed in a later draft, but I figure why not at least start out with that in mind?

We’ll see how it goes.

And what are you working on this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Just get it written first

  1. I am also working on an outline, or should I say, reworking one. It is for a thriller script that I recently posted to blacklist and let’s say… I received even-keel feedback and a score of a 5. The reader was impressed with the visceral nature of my action sequences and the raw and honest emotion. The reader suggested many more action sequences or if I prefer, delving more into character. Being the drama enthusiast I am, I chose the latter – which is what I was going for in the first place.

    Really enjoy your blog and have been reading for upwards of a year. Now that your management-free, you are in a similar boat as me. But the only option is to keep pushing. Hopefully we can connect more in the future if you ever need anything, I am a willing reader. Best of luck with your outline and I hope you kill the first draft of your low-budget comedy.



    • Aw, thanks! That’s really nice of you to say. Glad your enjoyment of the blog continues.

      Always happy to have an extra pair of eyes look over my stuff, and equally as open to providing the same service. I suspect it’ll be a while until I have a draft ready to show people, but feel free to remind me/ask again when that happens.

      • Will do. And thanks for extending the offer my way as well! I’m always looking for readers that are first and foremost writers themselves.

        Again, I appreciate your blog and look forward to staying in touch with you in the future.


  2. Hey there! Been a while since we chatted, Z, and it’s past the weekend…but thought I would horn in (don’t mind me!) For me, it’s edits, rewrites, fixes this past month along with a lot of the usual marketing stuff as I am getting my scripts out.

    But this week I am returning to my third script, a sci-fi fantasy that has been resting for nearly a year that I am dying to get back to… talk about procrastination.;)

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