The writing sprint: no training necessary

It’s not about speed; it’s how you handle the course

Finally, finally got to type in those illustrious words FADE OUT, which brings the first draft of the western spec to a satisfying close.

It’s very tempting to read it and see what needs work, but at this point, I’m opting to let it sit in hibernation while shifting the focus to the rewrite of the mystery-comedy.

While the previous draft is a more solid foundation than I thought, there are still some ideas I’m looking to incorporate.

Rather than jot a few down at a time, or hope inspiration hits every once in a while, I’m opting for a method that’s proven quite helpful in the past: the writing sprint.

Set aside 30 minutes. Just you and a blank page (paper or digital – doesn’t matter, although digital might be easier & faster to work with). Once that timer starts, write out scene ideas as fast as you can.  Don’t stop to think if they’re good or not. Just crank ’em out.

It’s not a bad thing to write what you already have, but maybe you’ll come up with something you never thought of, or suddenly hit on a solution to a problem that’s been bothering you.  Feel free to even take things a totally new direction. For now, there are no bad ideas.

It’s possible you could run out of gas before time runs out, but push yourself to keep going.

Once the 30 minutes is up, take a look at what you’ve got: a ton of (mostly) new material.

Pick and choose what works for you now, but make sure to hold on to the rest. Inspiration could hit from any of them, and you never know what might come in handy later.

2 thoughts on “The writing sprint: no training necessary

  1. Hi,
    You used the line ‘and try and write something today’…
    I would have preferred ‘Write something today’..
    ‘Try’ is a weak and dangerous word, in the sense that
    those that use ‘try’, usually use it defensively…
    like..I’ll try! No you will not try…you lied! If you were going
    to do it, you would have said that instead..or nothing at all!
    ‘Try’ presents a ‘cop-out’ alternative for those to ‘get-out’ of
    something…..but it shoud never be an option in the first place,
    if you catch my drift!

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