Hey kids! Fill in the blanks!

The good news is this will not count towards your final grade
The good news is this will not be on the final, but neatness does count

Since I’m always interested in what other writers are working on, here are some questions I’d really like to see your answers to.

1. MY LATEST PROJECT IS TITLED _______________

2. IT’S A  ______________ (genre)

3. HERE’S THE LOGLINE __________________________________

4. THINK OF IT AS ___________ + __________

Here’s mine:


2. mystery-comedy

3. A mild-mannered elf uncovers a sinister plot to get rid of Santa, but nobody believes him, somebody’s now trying to kill him, and Christmas is one week away.


Now you.

9 thoughts on “Hey kids! Fill in the blanks!

  1. 1. Most Likely to Succeed

    2. Comedy

    3. A bitter 28 year old’s high school reunion is arriving faster than his success. After he hears his old crush broke up with Mr. Most Likely to Succeed, he attempts to ruin the more successful lives of his classmates so he holds the title Most Successful.

    4. The Social Network meets Office Space

    • I like it. Relatable. Lots of potential.

      Just wondering if you need the part about the crush & Mr Most Likely. Maybe “As his 10th high school reunion approaches, a bitter failed businessman attempts to ruin the lives of his former classmates in order to claim the title Most Successful.”

      Good luck!

  2. 1. Doubling Down

    2. Drama

    3. A dejected alcoholic wins big in blackjack and tries to save the family business while getting his life back together.

    4. I don’t know. I’ve never really seen/heard anything like it. Maybe a grown up version of The Spectacular Now?

  3. Harry & Me: A Purely Imagined Twist on Reportedly True Events

    Romantic Comedy

    Igniting a global tabloid scandal, a cash-strapped local cocktail waitress is photographed in the nude with England’s Prince Harry in a Las Vegas high-roller suite.

    Notting Hill + Roman Holiday

  4. 1. Untitled (Trying to find an appropriate titles that doesn’t betray the twist)

    2. It’s a Sci-fi adventure

    3. After a devastating catastrophe, the earth becomes a watery grave with a crust of Ice. Forced to live beneath the Ice mankind struggles to rebuild it’s culture, but a discovery may reveal an even stranger truth.

    4. Pandorum meets 20,000 leagues below the sea with a reverse Planet of the Apes twist.

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