Just made it tougher for myself (which is a very good thing)

hipster writer
Coffee – check. Notes – check. Fresh typewriter ribbon (took a real effort to find one) – check. Ready to go!

A most interesting development has presented itself for the horror-comedy outline, and you can accurately label me as “immensely grateful”.

Although I’m still working my way through the story, somehow that certain pizzazz that was part of the appeal when I first came up with it had slowly faded away. That’s a problem that needed some immediate fixing or this thing would never work.

I went through what I already had. It’s taken a while just to get to this point in the story, so I’d forgotten about some of it. This made for a nice reminder that I had a lot more material to work with than I remembered.

The basics were there, but what was it that was missing? Since this is at its heart a horror story, some of the standard elements had already been used, but it needed more. Something to really hammer the concept home. My protagonists were already in a pretty dicey situation, and I wanted to up the stakes.

Hence my dilemma.

Have you ever suddenly have a solution just present itself, right out of the blue? One that feels like the light bulb actually popped into existence right there above your head? One that caused the muse to do backflips and handsprings while screaming for joy at the top of her lungs?

Inspiration didn’t just strike; it walloped me upside the head.

This new idea feels like such a perfect match for the story. It creates a ticking clock that really ramps up the stakes to the nth degree, and what might be the best aspect – it gives the whole thing the original approach it so desperately needs.

So now that I’ve been fortunate enough to come up with this, the next step is to go back and reorganize a majority of the outline in order to incorporate it. Pretty daunting at first, but I’m not too concerned. I know exactly what I want to happen. It’ll just require a little more of an effort.

4 thoughts on “Just made it tougher for myself (which is a very good thing)

  1. Bam! Always electrifying when you discover something like that–especially after all of the brain cells that consumed in the process. It doesn’t happen often (at least for me), but when it does….Wow! It’s worth every bit of the struggle.

    Thanks for continually keeping us posted on yours.

    Scotty out

  2. Just found this blog via Screenplay Mechanic. Wish I woulda found it long ago. Great post. and YES, something like this just happened to me.
    On the 2nd draft of my screenplay and I was just listening to a writing podcast while walking the dog, about raising stakes, and conflict and all that, and something hit me that made my entire act 3 way better. Added a twist and raised stakes like crazy.

    I truly believe when you have your whole story rattling around in your head and you just let it bake in there for a while, your sub-conscience is just a beacon for ideas that get attracted to you to help your story. Something I wasn’t even thinking about, or was on my radar as a problem, fixed itself and made my story better.

  3. I love it when the “light bulb” goes off. Sometimes, the story almost writes itself, and other times, it feels like you’re trying to pull teeth with a pair of tweezers. I’m sure most writers can relate. Anyway, good luck on making your script a showpiece.

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