Home stretch!

The director has the 3rd draft.  I’m supposed to meet with him in a few days, where hopefully I will receive my payment (the whopping $20) for services rendered.  I like to think of this as the first small step of a long career.  Ambitious, yes, but I got nothin’ to lose.

When I sent the draft over the weekend, I wasn’t sure what to expect from him, comment-wise.  Amazingly, there were none.

He also mentioned something about getting a copy of the final draft when post is finished, or something like that.  Seeing as how his timeframe had the finished project being done around Thanksgiving, I wonder if I’ll be able to recoginze which parts are mine and which are his when it’s all done.

-I think I mentioned I had sent to a manager in Vegas following the recommendation of a blogger based out of Boston.  I sent her the loglines for WOK & ROLL and DREAMSHIP.  She didn’t seem interested, but made a good point regarding the former.

All this time, I’ve been promoting WOK as a romcom, when in actuality, the romance is just one of the subplots.  Overall, I suppose you could call it a comedy.  So that’s how I’ll start pitching it.  I thought about asking her if she’d still like to read it, but think my chance is over.  Ah well.  I’m still skeptical about this whole Vegas angle anyway.

There was also another screenwriter listing on Craigslist, but this one actually claimed to be willing to pay.  BUT.  They wanted somebody with credits, more or less.  As we all know, I ain’t got none, but I think my letter made a good effort in presenting me as a good candidate.  Still haven’t heard, nor do I expect to, but you never know…

Not only that, but there was ANOTHER listing on Craigslist, but this one was looking for somebody who would collaborate on a script about a dancer who’s had it rough.  I think it also mentioned something about ‘showcasing the rough and tumble world of professional dancing’ or something like that.  Definitely not me.

-The writing group is scheduled to reconvene tomorrow chez moi.  I sent the first act of BABY last week, so I’m looking forward to hearing the thoughts/feedback of those who plan to attend.  I know it’s rough, but still hope they like it.  A little validation never hurt, right?

Almost-Movie of the Moment: HIGHLANDER.  Yeah, I know.  How can me, of all people, not have seen this yet?  Never got around to it, that’s all.  Once V is in bed AND asleep, I’ll start.  Highly doubtful I’ll get through it all tonight.

The plan tomorrow is to catch a matinee of SCOTT PILGRIM.  I’ve been seeing articles all over the internets about why it’s a bomb.  Since I haven’t seen it yet, I can’t answer that.  Maybe tomorrow.

I’d like to try and catch INCEPTION later in the week, but I need to train for my race next week, and we’re in the middle of an intense heat wave round these parts.  As appealing as passing out from heat exhaustion in the park sounds, I’d rather wait until it cools down a bit.

Well, maybe a little run.

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