Busy, busy, busy

First of all, I only did just over 1 page today.  But I’ve got a good excuse.  I was crazy busy.

I had to get ready for the meeting with the guy looking for a screenwriter for his short from Craiglist.  As soon as V and I got home from work, I printed out some pages from WOK & ROLL and DREAMSHIP, as well as the first half of the outline from MONSTER HUNTER (which needs a new title, so as not to confuse it with the video game of the same name.  Too bad.)

I also sent an email to a client I’m doing some editing/proofreading for to see if the project was done yet.

The ‘no TV’ rule was instigated, so V played while I printed and got organized (which included a very necessary 15-minute nap for me).  We played a bit, had lunch and zipped off to today’s installment of camp.

Following a brief chat with K, I raced my ass downtown to try and be on time.  I think I made it with about 2 minutes to spare.

So this guy is finishing up his MFA in Film at the local art college.  I gave him the thumbnail version of my experience.  Then he asked how I would approach this kind of film.  I rattled off a few ideas.

Then he started to explain the concept behind his story, but it started to sound very ‘this is from an art school; can’t you just feel the esotericness of it all?’  There was all this explaining of what was going on.  I thought he said this was an action-thriller.  I’d yet to encounter any action or thrills.

While some of his ideas were clever and original, overall, I wondered how much of a grasp he really had on the writing process.  Being as diplomatic as I could, I explained that nobody wants to see a bunch of talking heads discussing where inspiration comes from.

I took his ideas, and gave them a necessary twisting around.  How about changing this?  Don’t be married to what you have now; things WILL change.  Don’t fight it.  I think I scared him because these seemed to be things he never thought about.

Before we finished, he mentioned that I was the first writer he was meeting with about this.  He got something like 20 responses!  Including a pair of writers who have actual credits.  I couldn’t help but wonder why somebody with produced material would respond to a Craigslist listing like this?  Smells fishy to me.

He expects to make a decision by Friday.  If I get it, great.  If not, that’s okay too.  He added that he basically can’t pay anything, which I expected.  The writer gets an onscreen credit and a sample to actually show around.  Me likey.

The rest of the day involved finishing up the editing/proofreading project, followed by picking V up at camp and making a pecan pie to take to work tomorrow.

While I thought it would be nice to write 3 pages today, I was happy with the 1+ I did do because it signals the END OF ACT ONE!

Tomorrow: short run, 3-5 pages and whatever else comes up.

No movie tonight.  Too exhausted, and I wanted to focus on this.  I also made a point of making sure I did this because I don’t want to slack off.

But I’m done now.