Another shorty

Another packed day, another collapsing with exhaustion at the end.

I got an email from the director. His computer’s busted, so he’s writing out his draft by hand. And since I’m seeing him tomorrow, that’s when I get his version. I really have no idea what to expect.

Once again, not much writing accomplished today. However, V fell asleep during her reading homework, and an early evening nap usually means a later bedtime. And that ain’t good for me or K. Fortunately, she got her work done, albeit at a truly glacial pace.

I foresee one of our many projects during this school year.

With K’s almost-monthly trips to Belgium, she’s started bringing home Tintin books for V. They’re fun and oh-so charming. The deal is that V reads what she’s supposed to, then I read a portion of the Tintin story at bedtime. Hers. Not mine.

But tonight’s story involved a ‘haunted’ mummy coming to life. Despite our efforts, she was confident he was hiding in her room. Even though I explained that this was probably the same setup as a Scooby Doo villain (“it’s old man Johnson!”), she was still scared.

Dad to the rescue!

To ease her fears, I sat next to her bed while she got to sleep and worked on one of my next scripts. I looked over my notes, which could be over a year old. At least.

I gotta say, there was some good stuff in there. It inspired me to try and think of other scene ideas and potential plot points. I’d even go as far as to say there might even be more chances for comedy than I originally thought.

It does a body good to make that kind of discovery. The funny thing is I’m still undecided whether to work on this script or the Monster Hunter one when BABY LIKES JAZZ is done for good.

So we’ll see.

For now, I just want this short project to be done so I can dive back in to BABY. Someday I will finish that.

I just want it to be good.