At long last…

I have written a script, and somebody gave me money for it.

Okay, it’s a 10-minute student film and I earned all of twenty dollars, but this really represents a milestone for me.  I’ve been working at this for 11 years with some real near-successes, but this is the real deal, as they say.

I know my writing isn’t perfect.  Far from it, but I still consider it better than most.  I still like to think I have a shot at making this actually happen.

I read the sale write-ups and the script reviews.  There is some really good stuff out there.  Stuff that is totally unlike anything I could do.  But I highly doubt these same writers could do the stuff that I do.

In some ways, that works to my advantage.  Now I just have to make it work.

It was interesting meeting with the director today.  He liked the 3rd draft, but did have some questions and comments.  Nothing too serious, but also nothing that required yet another rewrite.

I mentioned that if any of his friends need help with their scripts, to send them my way.

His agenda involves meeting with the production designer today, meeting with the producers and taking care of pre-production in the next week or so, then casting.  Shooting is in September, editing and post through October, then completion in November.  I get a copy of the finished film and script when it’s all done.

While part of his plans include submitting it to festivals and competitions, he also plans to move to LA in January.  He hopes to find work soon after that, and also wants to work on a feature film.  He said there was a good chance he’d be in touch for help on that as well.

As I’ve said, I wish him the best of luck.

As for me, it’s time to dive back in on BABY LIKES JAZZ.  As much as I’d like to go back and apply some of the group’s comments, I’d rather plow ahead and get the draft done.  This is late-mid-August, so if I do 3 pages a day during the week, that should take me to about the end of September or so.  That would be good.

Then the rewriting begins.  Again.

Movie of the Moment:  A double-header, so to speak.  It took me a few days, but I got through HIGHLANDER.  It was…okay.  But I think that’s mostly due to really lousy sound.  While the sound effects were loud and emphasized, a lot of the dialogue was muffled or just hard to understand.  I like the concept a lot, yet have no desire to see any of the sequels or the TV show.  It was also pretty hard getting past the ‘hey, this was made in the 80s!’ look.  Also cool that Clancy Brown played the bad guy.  I’m curious to know how old he was when he made this.

The other movie, which may have been mentioned here before, was JAWS on cable.  I never get tired of watching it.  I’d like to know if the documentary about it (THE SHARK IS NOT WORKING or something like that) is available.  Or is it a book?  Either way, bet it’s great.