Still goin’ strong…

After numerous promises and too much procrastination, I finally managed to get some pages done today.  About 3 1/2.  Not a bad re-start.  I think I can keep up that kind of pace on a daily basis, or at least during the week.

I tried to keep things simple, and also kept in mind the comedy aspects from that one-pager I did last week.  I’m sure there’s a couple of rewrites in store, but I like the fact that I was able to write and plan to keep doing that as often as I can.

I don’t like second-guessing myself, at least in terms of the comedy.  it would be really nice if there was some way to develop that, or some kind of comedy writing class.  In the meantime, just gotta keep doing it all myself.

-Once again, I was not the winner in the logline contest.  Can’t say that I thought that much of this week’s winner.  Hard to get a bearing on what criteria this guy is looking for.  He offers script analysis, but this makes me question the level of his ability.

I think I’ve submitted about 7 or 8 entries over the past few weeks.  I like my entries, and will probably take each one back to the drawing board and submit accordingly.

-Watching ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 while I type this. Low budget, but very good use of what they had to work with.  Some of the actors are good, others typically cheesy.  Great premise, but a little slow in setting everything up.  Things keep getting more intense.  Only 90 minutes long, but if they made it today it would be at least 105 or 110.  Can’t believe they got away with killing a little girl!  Shocking.

Makes me want to watch BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA again just to see what Carpenter does with a Hollywood budget.