You gotta be kidding

So I bust my ass trying to get the second draft of the outline done.  I took my pen and notebook to V’s hockey practice both Saturday and Sunday.  I worked on it before going to bed.  There were spurts of creativity, interspersed with dry spells.  Par for the course, but it was really important I get this done ahead of schedule.

I managed to get it to a point where I liked it, and hoped the director would too.  K takes V and a friend to the movies while I stay home to crank out script pages.  I get about halfway there before I have to pick them up from the movies.  We get home; K has to run and grab herself some lunch while V and friend entertain themselves in her room.  I sit down to finish.

That’s when I see I have a voicemail.  K and I inadvertently had each other’s phones while they were at the movies.  The message had come in almost 45 minutes earlier.

It was the morning shift guy, calling to say his relief had never showed and could I do some emergency fill-in for the rest of the afternoon.  This sort of last-minute request is not uncommon with me.  It happens a lot.

I clear it with K and I’m there in 25 minutes, and on the air within 3.

Part of my getting-ready process was to pack the laptop and notebook.  between reports, I finish the script (which has also happened before).

I send it out after getting home.  And wait.

The morning passes with nary a word.  What on earth is he waiting for?  I need to know if he likes, hates it or likes at least part of it.

Finally, he sends me a note.  He likes it, but now HE wants to take a crack at it.

Oh good lord, no.  That’s the last thing he should do.

But this guy is so set on getting what he wants, it’s not worth my time to argue or at least try to dissuade him.

We’re supposed to meet Thursday.  I can’t wait to see how THAT goes.

No movie tonight.  I worked morning drive, the midday, went for a run in GG Park, picked up V from the first day of 2nd grade and just finished a late dinner.

I’m exhausted.  But I managed to stay conscious long enough to hammer out this post, so good night…