Quiet before the storm?

The director has his hands on what is, technically, his script.  I’m just the guy trying to put his words on paper.

He once again sent a list of what he’d like to accomplish, visual-wise.  My problem is that everything he wants seems to be more “hey look! artsy stuff!,” rather than “let me show you a story”.

I tried to check out the 2-minute short he’s basing this 10-minute project on, but YouTube just didn’t want to cooperate.  I’ll try it again later.

I also had the opportunity to watch a short he worked on in what I think is supposed to be a comedy.  But I didn’t think it was that funny.  And the ‘plot’ was a little muddled.

I certainly don’t want to come across as mean or snobbish, but it’s hard for me to look at some of these projects and not be critical, at least from a writer’s point of view.

I’m meeting with the director on Thursday to discuss the script.  I really have no idea what to expect.  Based on the draft he originally sent me, I worry he’s going to put a lot of ‘unfilmables’ in it.  Stuff you just can’t show.  I would think a director would know NOT to do that.

He says I’ll get a copy of the finished film, complete with my name in the credits.  “Written By,” I assume.  Based on his assumed timeline, that may be in December.

Even better, at our first meeting, he added that he was also a club DJ, so there’ll be a big party when the whole thing’s done, and I’d be invited. K laughed when I told her that.  Can’t you picture it?  The 40-year-old writer hanging out with the late 20’s film students?  Just gimme my gin & tonic, kid. Grumble, grumble.

-After much confusion, the writing group is still meeting next week.  The woman who organizes it thought it was tonight, but then realized it IS next week.  Nevertheless, I sent everybody the first act of BABY LIKES JAZZ.  I’m very intrigued to get their feedback on that.

-I think I’ve already mentioned this, but I’m doing the midday shift all this week.  That’s usually a very productive time for me, writing-wise.  But the traffic has been frustratingly busy the past few days, so my writing has been non-existent.  Tomorrow, I will do my best to at least work on…something.

No movie tonight, but I did watch the latest episode of ENTOURAGE.  I’m not sure how I feel about this season.  The whole Vince-downward spiral seems like they’re trying to give him some kind of personality; don’t like it.  Drama’s whole “I’m an ACTOR!” thing is getting annoying.  Turtle’s tequila thing – ehh.  Once again, E’s story is the most interesting.  It also seems like Ari is being pushed into the foreground.  The whole Ari-Lloyd thing, which was one of the best parts, has disappeared.  Things need to change.