He’s in for quite a shock

I refer, of course, to the director I’m still working with, and what kind of reception he’s going to get if and when he breaks into the industry.

So we met today to discuss the script.  I went in thinking that he was going to try combining his version and mine.

Not necessarily.  He took my 2nd draft and made notes.  Some of them were valid, but it took quite an effort on my part to not let my eyes roll completely out of their sockets on some others.

I can understand the need to spice up some of the characters’ dialogue, and the need for an extra scene at the end to wrap things.


Having characters react by doing something does not constitute an ‘action film.’

It is possible to try and jam too much symbolism into a movie.

You don’t tell the writer to ‘come up with a catchphrase’ so people remember the movie.  And you especially don’t say you want one so it will help with ‘getting the word out’ about it.

If a certain phrase reminds you of Mission Impossible 3, you really need to see more movies.

Unless your movie is about something scientific, the scientific community is NOT going to thoroughly analyze it.  And if something was done a certain way in a certain megahit (I’m looking at you, INCEPTION), you DO NOT base parts of your story on that.

I’m skeptical about the claim that people always associate the hero of the story with a prop or action.  The latter is part of the former.  Luke is more than his lightsaber.

Your audience is smarter than you think.  Don’t feel like you have to explain everything to them.  They don’t like it.  Making them think is a GOOD thing.

If an actor can’t read the script and figure out why their character is supposed to be upset, either the writing is really bad or they’re a bad actor.  I like to think my writing is pretty good.

That’s all I can suggest for now.  In the meantime, I’m approaching this (final) rewrite as a good exercise.  How can I improve on it?  Not only do I want it to meet my standards, I want this director to ‘get it.’  I want the writing to show what he wants to say.  We’ll see.

I forgot to mention that I’m getting the exorbitant salary of $20 to do all of this.  As K said to me, “What’s that work out to?  About 50 cents an hour?”

Yeah, something like that.  But my mantra throughout all of this has been “you’ll have a finished film with your name on it.”  That’s the important part.