Wow! Progress!

Another 3 pages done today.  Technically, 3 and a half, but the total now just creeps onto page 27.  One more scene and Act One is complete. Yowza.

It seems to get easier if I produce on a daily basis, especially in small doses.  A few pages, a couple of scenes.  Not the most tremendous of output, but effective nevertheless.

Tomorrow’s objective: finish Act One, and shoot for at least 2 scenes after that.  Quite a challenge, but I also have to take time management into consideration.

See, the plan was to write in the morning, drop V off at her afternoon camp, then go for a brisk run as part of the half-marathon training.


Since I’m trying to be more proactive in finding work, I’ve been checking out sections of Craigslist for writing assignments and possibilities.  For example, some guy up in the Santa Rosa area was looking for help with dialogue.  I sent to that, but have yet to hear back.  No big loss.

There was a listing for somebody wanting help with putting a dramedy TV show together.  Intriguing, but it was listed in a section of town that’s a bit on the seedy side.  I thought about it, then decided it probably isn’t for me.

There was a listing for a voiceover project involving Ben & Jerry’s.  Sounds awesome, and I could probably do it, but they prefer somebody with home audio equipment.  That ain’t me.

Then there was a listing for somebody looking for help writing a 12-minute short involving martial arts.  I thought “what the hell” and applied.

The guy responded within a few hours, asking if I was available tomorrow.  I had also asked if he wanted samples, which he does.  The thought of getting paid never even occurred to me.  I think I was thinking about it from an experience and potential opportunities point of view.

So now my morning will involve trying to figure out which pages from which scripts to hand to this guy.  The run will have to wait until the day after tomorrow.

-Had a…discussion with V about how much TV she’s been watching lately.  Way too much.  I remember 2 months ago when school ended.  The plan was to have her read more and do more math work over the summer.  Suffice to say, that plan has been shot to hell.

Even though school starts up again in 2 weeks, there may be time to salvage some of that ambitious plan.  We’ll see how that goes.

-Movie at the moment: THE DARK KNIGHT.  Still amazing no matter how many times I see it.  Makes me psyched to see INCEPTION.

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