One last ride

Saddle up

Last week, work on the comedy outline wrapped up a bit earlier than expected, so while I wait for the notes on that, I’ve decided to venture back into some territory I’d considered over and done with.

My western.

Although it’s done alright in some contests (and I suppose top 15 percent in the Nicholl isn’t too shabby), I really think it can be better. Plus, more than a few opinions and comments from totally non-biased outside parties confirm this.

As one set of notes so succinctly put it, “Don’t get me wrong. The story’s a lot of fun and the structure is solid. It’s the characters that could use more development. Nothing too drastic, but just enough to flesh them out a little more.”

Makes sense to me.

On top of that, a recent conversation with another writer, who is starting on their new western script, included mention of how I should read the script for UNFORGIVEN – even though that and my script are worlds apart.

I downloaded it and started reading it. Just a few pages in, and it absolutely confirms I need to step up my game. There’s no reason I shouldn’t strive to present that kind of quality, even in a script that would most likely be labeled a “popcorn-tentpole” kind of story.

Luckily for me, I’ve always enjoyed working on this story and am actually kind of psyched about jumping back into it. I thought it was pretty good before, and now hope to make it even better.

Safe to say this should be pretty interesting.

3 thoughts on “One last ride

  1. Jumping back in is the baptism of creativity. There can be a total commitment to a script that goes beyond reason for some. You look at the first draft as a rough stone in need of polishing but if done too long the rewrite process can leave you demoralized. Glad to know jumping in is valued highly.

  2. I wish you the best. My favorite western is, “3:10 to Yuma” (2007) with Bale and Crowe. I think I’ve watched it at least five or more times. My husband loves westerns, but I love syfy, fantasy and mystery, so… I wondered why I liked 3:10 to Yuma so much. My guess is the characters. Of course, the excellent acting helps 🏆 However, the television series, “Firefly” is also my favorite western – that is, space cowboy show 😊

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