10 thoughts on “What’re YOU working on?

  1. Finishing the outline on my low tech scifi espionage story and reading the first draft of my screenplay. Which came in at only 73 pages, dadgumit!

    • Cool. The first draft is always going to be longer/shorter than you expect. Makes you realize what you can work on. And what exactly is “low tech scifi”?

      • My elevator pitch would be Firefly with less Bonanza and more Downton Abbey. It’s a prose project so fortunately I don’t have to sell any development execs on it. I have a precis around here if you’re curious.

        (this is about my third attempt to reply, sorry if you get multiples)

      • Love the Firefly-Downton Abbey concept! Since printed work isn’t my forte, what’s a précis? Is that a short summary of the whole story, similar to a script treatment? Regardless, happy to take a look at it and offer feedback. (And you’re more than welcome to check out my rewrite if so inclined…)

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