10 thoughts on “What’re YOU working on?

    • Cool. The first draft is always going to be longer/shorter than you expect. Makes you realize what you can work on. And what exactly is “low tech scifi”?

      • My elevator pitch would be Firefly with less Bonanza and more Downton Abbey. It’s a prose project so fortunately I don’t have to sell any development execs on it. I have a precis around here if you’re curious.

        (this is about my third attempt to reply, sorry if you get multiples)

      • Love the Firefly-Downton Abbey concept! Since printed work isn’t my forte, what’s a précis? Is that a short summary of the whole story, similar to a script treatment? Regardless, happy to take a look at it and offer feedback. (And you’re more than welcome to check out my rewrite if so inclined…)

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