How’s it going?

public speaking
Go ahead. You’re among friends.

From what I’ve been reading on the internets, a lot of you are making some excellent progress with both your writing and your careers.

I’d love to hear more. Feel free to share the latest development(s) for you and/or your writing. Anything worth noting you’d like to tell the world? Doesn’t matter if you’ve made a sale or written 2 pages in your latest draft. It’s all good stuff.

I’ll go first.

I’m about halfway through outlining the story for a sci-fi side project, working on some script notes for a few friends, still trying to break the story for my new idea, and my western has advanced to the semifinals of the 2015 Screenwriting Action/Thriller contest.

See? Nothing to it.

Your turn.

17 thoughts on “How’s it going?

  1. Signed with a boutique lit agent last month (still looking for a manager). She went out with one of my pilots & is shopping another one. Currently working on a contained horror.

  2. How’s it going? Not bad. And it’s going to get better in 2016 because I have decided the only person(s)who get to read my stuff from now on are potential BUYERS or persons who can get my stuff to buyers! I’m not insecure so I will no longer pursue free or paid feedback. Ben there, done that (for years)and I’m moving forward. And if by chance anyone thinks I’m making an arrogant mistake know this: I have written a 1st DRAFT screenplay that WON a screenwriting contest and took 3rd Place in another. I have written 2 other 1st DRAFT screenplays that were Top 20 Finalists in a third screenwriting contest. I’m at a level now where the feedback cottage industry really is just a bad joke to me. I work too damn hard on my day job and $200-300 is better spent on throwing my hat into the ring! Goodbye insecurity! Hello contest wins!

  3. I’m focusing on prose, sorting out a second draft on a work in progress and deciding which writer’s conferences to take my existing manuscript to.

    In screenwriting I’ve gotten connected with a local startup coop studio that I’m intrigued by. I submitted a webseries script to a contest and I’ll be saving up to buy in early next year.

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