Blink and you may miss this post
Blink and you may miss this post

It’s been a very busy week for me, so my writing’s slacked off a bit and I want to try and catch up, so not much to say today.

Positive: Got to the end of Act One for the low-budget comedy. Splitting time between editing/rewriting and pressing forward. May give the first ten pages a test run at the writing group next week.

Negative: Reading a friend’s script that is, simply put, really, really hard to get through. Lots and lots of problems with it, and I’m only up to page 20. Torn between throwing in the towel or forcing myself to make it to the end.

Potentially positive: Got some great feedback on the western, so reorganizing stage is underway.

That’s it. Gotta go. Have a great weekend, and try to get some writing in.

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