Flying solo

Wild blue yonder, here I come
Wild blue yonder, here I come

I’ve been hesitant to say anything, but there’s just no getting around it anymore.

My manager and I have parted ways.

Long story short – things weren’t happening.  Apart from being disappointed it didn’t work out, I bear him no ill will, and wish him and his savvy assistant all the best.

So once again, it’s all me.  Gone is the initial fear/terror of no longer having representation. Actually, the nervousness has segued into one of…let’s call it liberation.

I can’t say I’m all the way back to square one, because this isn’t totally starting from scratch.  This go-round includes a much better understanding of what I have to do and how to do it, such as:

-being able to offer up one script that’s had some moderate success in some high-profile contests, and one that’s “a refreshingly exciting new take on an old genre.” Throw in the two others currently being developed, and I’ve got quite an arsenal of high-concept material at my disposal.

-knowing the right way to do a query letter. Lessons have been learned from mistakes made the last time, and the first wave has been dispatched. There’s even been a couple of “We’d like to read this” responses.  I send the script and don’t look back.

-having a lot more confidence in my writing. All the writing, rewriting and utilizing of notes and feedback has had a significant positive impact. I may not be the absolute best ever, but I definitely know how to spin a ripping yarn you want to keep reading.

Thus the quest resumes. Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Flying solo

  1. Good luck! Great to hear that you ended on good terms with him. (Just read an interview with you on Bay Area Screenwriters and it inspired me to upload a script onto the Blacklist hosting site – so thank you.)

    • Aw, thanks! Glad I could help (and thanks for following the blog).

      I’m considering uploading my western onto the Black List as well. Maybe lightning will strike for me again.

  2. Such a tough, tough business. I remember a few times over the past couple of years where I thought I was about to “make it” and didn’t.

    Winning a contest, signing with a manager, being hip-pocketed by another one.

    Sigh. Good thing we write because we love it and not because it’s a cascading waterfall of cash and fame and glory.

    Best of luck to you, Paul.

    BTW — I upgraded to a real, honest-to-God dot com website! — would love if you’d take a peek.

    • True. Continuously writing while waiting for my waterfall to show up. In the meantime, check your email.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement.

      Website looks good, and some great posts – I really like the one about the car dealer.

      Have you thought about adding a blogroll or links page?

  3. Paul, good for you – it is tough. While I have never had the pleasure/pain of having a manager, there are always going to be ups and downs with such a highly creative endeavour – in the end, it’s choosing to still do what we love most, which is to write and yes, success is sure to follow.

    And yes, planning on submitting two scripts to the blacklist later this month as well, good luck to you – enjoyed that western and I am sure lightning will strike, heard nothing but great things about the list!

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