Sallying forth

This way, boys!

This has been a very busy week, but unfortunately not in terms of writing. The school year is in full swing, which means helping V with all kinds of stuff, including homework (which includes reading), assorted sports (hockey & soccer), and next week marks the addition of Hebrew school.  Add to that I’m working a split shift all this week and you have one pooped writer.

Not to say I haven’t tried.  I’ve been able to get some work done, but not on what I was planning.  Since a lot of the aforementioned activities are outside, using the computer isn’t an option. Which means pen, paper and the LUCY outline.  Happy to say I’ve been able to trim the first half down so it moves much more smoothly.

However. Two things now concern me:

1. whether or not I need to do the occasional cutaway to keep the reader/audience updated regarding what the villain is up to. Still not sure if this is necessary.

2.  whether or not the third quarter of Act Two is too boring.  Maybe boring is too strong, but it feels like not enough is happening to up the stakes.  A little more analysis and evaluation are in order.

Hoping to make progress on all fronts in the next couple of days.

-Movie of the Moment – EXPORTING RAYMOND (2010), a documentary about Phil Rosenthal, who created EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, going to Russia to help develop  a version of the show.

Honestly, I thought it would be funnier, but that was based on the trailer.

There were a lot of situations best described as ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘awkward’, mostly Phil dealing with culture clash from assorted behind-the-scenes staffers. The out-there costume designer thinks the clothes should be high-end to show how fashionable the family is. The writers don’t get why the main character (re-named ‘Kostya’) is such a pushover. Since they couldn’t get their first choice for the lead, they go with the guy who played the Larry Hagman role on the Russian IDREAM OF JEANNIE, who turns out to be a terrible comedy actor.

It’s interesting if you want to see how a TV show is put together, but if you’re expecting a big laughfest, prepare to be disappointed.

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