Hack! Slash!

Whattya think of my script so far?

No chance to work on pages, but I did get my eyes opened by doing some more editing on LUCY.

It’s amazing how easy it is to cut something out when you really need to.  And boy, did I need to.  Suffice to say, the entire first half is at least ten scenes lighter, and there’s a few more that could probably go.

I hadn’t realized how much I had padded this thing. The hard part now is determining which scenes feel more like filler, and focus on the ones contributing to moving the story forward.  Sometimes it ain’t easy figuring out which is which.


2 thoughts on “Hack! Slash!

  1. I wouldn’t call it the script per se. More like the outline I finished a few months ago. I hadn’t looked at it since then, and at the time had limited computer time. So I took my pen and started tightening up the outline. I tend to go back and forth between this and the pages for DREAMSHIP. It’s working out quite nicely.

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