A few undotted i’s and uncrossed t’s

Jeez, the end is pretty far away, ain't it?

My writing time has been severely limited the past few days, what with the school year starting, working extra hours, and reading and commenting on a few scripts.  But that changed today.

What originally started as hoping to fine-tune the 3rd Act turned into a slight overhaul of the entire story.  Scenes which had been giving me trouble before have been handled; there are still some left, but nowhere nearly many as before.  All that remains now is wrapping up several subplots at the end.

My biggest decision now: whether or not to have the antagonist make one final appearance.  Would it be appropriate, or would it drag things out?  I’d rather have it be more like the blonde terrorist at the end of DIE HARD and less like the forty-two endings of RETURN OF THE KING.  Maybe I’ll try each scenario and see which is a better fit.

-I was originally planning to catch a matinee of COWBOYS & ALIENS this week, but my schedule won’t allow for it.  Maybe next week, but it seems more and more inevitable to be caught on Netflix.  Unless you can convince me otherwise…