And…he’s off!

On your mark...get set...

Managed to get to page 4 today.  Each scene playing out how I want it to – so far. I’m also working on keeping things as short and to the point as possible.

Still hoping to get a draft done by the end of September.

While I was finishing up the outline and dreaming of when I’d have a draft ready to send out, I realized I still need to work on the logline.  What I had before was not as good as I thought.

-V had hockey practice yesterday morning, which usually means I zip out, grab a coffee and sit in the stands, watching for just over an hour.  But since my laptop is a slow-running dinosaur, working on pages was not an option.

So I opted to take a look at my LUCY outline and see if it still held up.  I haven’t looked at it since I finished it, which I think was in March or April.

I liked what was in the first ten pages, but a scene around page 11 or so kind of threw me.  I wasn’t sure if that particular subplot really works.  It got me wondering if that whole storyline was solid enough.  Answer – I’m not sure.  it kind of does, but I don’t know if it’s enough.  During off-time from DREAMSHIP, I’ll work on a few possible alternates and see what comes up.

Still an exciting story though.

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