A little swagger

an underrated icon of cool

The plunge has been been taken. The bullet has been bitten. The bull’s horns have been grabbed.

I have started on pages, and it feels quite liberating.  I’m still only on the first page, but there’s something about this draft that makes it seem bursting with potential.

In some ways, I’m completely abandoning previous drafts in an effort to make this one feel completely fresh, and so far it seems to be working.  Or at least from what I’m feeling while still on the the first page.

One thing I’ve noticed from some of the scripts I’ve read recently is that some of them have quite a distinctive voice, so that’s something else I’m working on.

There are still a few small problems to be addressed, but they have more to do with backstory, rather than what’s going on now.  I may even go so far as to write ‘WORK ON THIS’ where necessary and just keep going.

With any luck, a completed draft by the end of September. Into the abyss!

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