About…that much

Act Two is slowly drawing to a close, but something feels a little off.  There doesn’t seem to be that same sense of momentum from last week.  It feels weird.  I’m going to put that getting-out-of-the-house thing to the test next week and see what happens.

I may do some fine-tuning on what I have so far, but I only have a few gaps to fill and then it’s on to Act Three.  This whole restructuring of the previous draft has caused a slight shift in some plot points, but I think it’s for the better.  In theory, it should help wrap things up faster.

I like to think that at the rate I’m going, I may actually have a more-or-less solid outline done by the end of the month, followed by a hopefully short editing and tightening-up period.  And then…on to pages!

But for now, one step at a time.

No Movie of the Moment today. Sorry.

I also realized I haven’t read a Black List script in way too long, so I’ll try to get back on that train in the near future.  Probably once the rewrite’s done.

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