Okay, maybe

Good meeting with the writing group last night.  I read the first act of LUCY, and got bombarded with questions.  Some I was even prepared for.

When I explained I liked the action aspects (as did some of the members), I wanted to try and expand on Lucy as a character.  They responded with suggestions covering aspects I hadn’t thought of.  Which is how these things usually work for me.

Somebody suggested having the bad guy be connected with Lucy in such a way as to provide a good, solid twist later on in the story.  Maybe.

There were comments about how historically accurate this was supposed to be.  That I’m not too concerned with.  It’s fictional.

Another suggestion was that Lucy needs a sidekick, or else it isn’t believable that she can do all the things I have her doing up to this point.  She’s not superhuman.  I wanted to avoid the idea, but more than one person made a good argument about why it would work.

I gotta admit.  They made some good points.

And since the story takes place in the Civil War era, I had considered putting a character who used to be a slave somewhere in there.  This could work.  But would it fit in the story?  Oh yes.  Quite nicely.

Still haven’t worked out the bounty hunter angle, but I’m getting there.  Slowly, but still getting there.

While I was hoping to start the slight rewrite/moving forward phase today, I had to put on my metaphoric Dad hat and take V to assorted appointments.  So my self-imposed assignment begins tomorrow.

And still looking forward to it.

But I think what was especially nice was as the evening was wrapping up, my friend, the one who I was in the previous group with and we kept the last remnants of said group alive as long as we could, said she really liked what I had so far for LUCY.  That means a lot.

Again, there feels like a ton of potential in this story.  And I plan to make the most of it.

-*Sidenote:  When I originally came up with this idea, I developed the logline for it.  Which has since changed.  Since then, I have submitted said logline to the usual contest.  That’s about four weeks, complete with four straight losses.  So I’m calling it quits.  I’d rather focus on getting LUCY developed and written, rather than worrying about if my logline passes muster.

Besides, I won once, and that’s enough.  I shouldn’t be greedy.  Yeah, it would be nice to win again, but the script is more important.

Words to live by indeed.

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