A good guy needs a bad guy

I may have had a brainstorm regarding my antagonist.  A really good one.

I’d mentioned before about the good suggestion from the writing group about how maybe the guy who steals Lucy’s train is somehow connected to her past.

A good idea.

As I’d also mentioned, I’ve been struggling with a more…tangible goal for Lucy besides catching the real thieves.

So today in the traffic studio, I worked on fine-tuning the opening sequence, which took a little longer than expected.  Almost there, though.

But while I was working, the idea about Lucy’s goal kept creeping into my mind.  I also kept going back to her history with the antagonist.  What would it be?  Details are still forthcoming on that one.

I also stumbled onto the idea of having the antagonist play a more significant part in Lucy’s past.  A really significant part.  On several levels.

I’d go into more details, but I’m still working on it.  Suffice to say, this could represent a significant development in terms of what Lucy wants.

And it could be the break I’ve been waiting for.