K left the country today, and with California short of money, V had no school, which meant she was home.  All day.

She did her reading homework, we played Monopoly Junior, we watched some TV (including the Giants winning the World Series – yay!), but what it also meant was I didn’t get any writing done.

And I don’t like that part.  The Dad part I love.  Not writing, I don’t.

But I get the rest of the week, so that should work out okay.

-Movie of the Moment: Season 1 of MODERN FAMILY. Very funny.  I can see why it won the Emmy for Best Comedy.

-I just realized.  This is November, which means I’ve been doing a fairly passable job of keeping this thing going for almost 4 months.  While it was hard in the beginning, I actually look forward to it now.

Next up – more readers!  Somehow.