Stuck, but not trapped

Not necessarily so
Not necessarily so

No matter how hard you plan ahead, or how much you think things through, there will be times when you discover you have written yourself into a seemingly inescapable corner.

Your story comes to a screeching halt. All that momentum disappears. No doubt about it – you’re stuck.

“How is this possible?” you ask yourself. “How could I not see this coming?”

Rest assured, this happens to a lot of us. It’s frustrating when you miss a small detail or two that ends up throwing a monkey wrench into the works.

The important thing is now that you realize there’s a problem with your story, you can begin the process of fixing it.

Start by figuring out the source. Does it stem from something from much earlier or from just a few scenes before?

How much of an impact does it have on the overall story? If you took it out, how drastic would the changes be? (If not very, then maybe you didn’t even need it at all)

Here’s something very important to consider – is this the only way things could happen? If you were to take another stab at it, what could you change that would get the same point across but in a different, more effective way?

Don’t be reluctant to make those changes. You want your script to be the absolute best it can be, right? So take advantage of this opportunity to unleash that creativeness.

Not only will you be thinking your way out of that corner, but honing your skills as a writer so it’s not as tough next time (and there will be a next time).

Yes, it’s great when things go smoothly, but it doesn’t happen that often – that’s why we have rewrites.


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