Getting ready for the next go-round

Hang on! We're going back to almost where we just were!
Hang on! We’re going back to almost where we just were!

The previous draft of the mystery spec was a nice round 100 pages. As this rewrite continues, I just hit page 90 and I’m still in the last quarter of Act 2, so there’s probably somewhere around 20-30 pages left.

Not too bad, and as I move ahead, I’m already thinking about what needs to be fixed in the rewrite after this.

The constant question during initial writing and each subsequent rewrite is always “How can I make this better?”

Even as I crank out pages, the wheels are already turning as to what changes and improvements to implement.  Honestly, sometimes it’s a little dizzying trying to keep track of everything.

This is just a part of the whole process, but it seems to get a little easier with each rewrite.

-Contest news update! The western has been submitted to the PAGE and the Nicholl, with maybe 2-3 more targeted for later in the year.

Fingers, as always, firmly crossed.

In the meantime, focus has switched back to the current ongoing projects because the arsenal must continue to build and it’s never too early to get ready for next year.

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