Here’s to our biggest fans

Couldn't do this without you
Couldn’t do this without you

Even though writing is primarily a solitary activity, there are often times when we just can’t go it alone.

Friends and trusted colleagues can only take us so far. The rest of the time we need somebody else.

But not just any somebody. Somebody extra special.

Somebody who’s there for us no matter what.

Somebody experiencing the ups and downs right along with us. Somebody who shares in our joys and frustrations.

Maybe they’re a writer too, but chances are probably not, but it doesn’t matter. They know what it is we’re trying to accomplish, and how tough it is, and offer whatever support they can.

They’re there for us in countless capacities. A sounding board for potential ideas. The editor or proofreader who sees our work before anybody else. The gatekeeper of our writing sanctums.

They provide encouragement when we’re feeling low. They sympathize when we suffer from writer’s block. They are the ones we look to for solace when the long-awaited answer is ‘no’.

But they’re also the first person you want to tell when something good happens.

They are our support, our motivation, our inspiration. They help us to move forward, keep trying and carry on.

So pass along your gratitude to your someone. Let them know how much you appreciate everything they’ve done to help you and your writing.

This is a tough enough journey as it is, and without them, it would be much, much harder.

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