Yay (your name here)!

My own cheering section? You shouldn't have.
My own cheering section? You shouldn’t have.

While progress moves along slowly on the outline and the podcast, I got a nice surprise in my inbox yesterday: a manager I’d queried two weeks ago asked to see the script.

Even though it may result in absolutely nothing, just the fact that this happened was enough to brighten my day. Getting this kind of news is a real confidence-booster.

Chances are your close friends and loved ones know how much time and effort you put into your writing. They can see how hard you’re working. As much as you strive to succeed, they’re rooting for you just as much.

So being able to tell them you’ve been able to move ahead in your quest, even if it’s just a little bit, is really nice. You feel good. They feel good. Smiles all around.

There may be setbacks along the way, but enjoy little victories like these. Because eventually they can become big ones.

-Super Bowl fever has gripped the city where I live (hint: it ain’t Baltimore). My team of choice is the Steelers, but I’ll make an exception and say Go Niners.

4 thoughts on “Yay (your name here)!

  1. Yay, Paul! I love to hear good news! As I always say, enjoy the little successes along the way because they can lead to the big successes. It’s about chipping away while always doing the work needed to create a body of material. I had a big pitch lunch meeting yesterday—hate involving food and pitching, but it was necessary. I pitched five projects and three stuck on the producer. She’s interested in moving forward with the three and ultimately bringing me into three networks to pitch them. You never know unless you stay in the game! I’m rooting for you as well! A nice way to lead into our weekend, eh?

    • Definitely. Thanks for the encouragement and congrats on the successful pitch meeting!

      Agencies, managers & prodcos must be swamped with a huge backlog of queries, so it probably takes them a while to go through them all and respond accordingly. I expect I might hear back either way from a few more as time marches on. Fingers firmly crossed.

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