Because ‘Journal of the Whills’ just doesn’t cut it*

How DOES it look on a marquee?
How DOES it look on a marquee?

*the original title George Lucas had for STAR WARS. Not as good, right?

After reading countless spec titles in places such as The Black List and Done Deal Pro, I’ve come to the conclusion that my script really needs to undergo a name change.


It sort of just…sits there, when instead it should be grabbing your attention and making you think, “Cool! I’ve gotta see this!”

Examples: BACK TO THE FUTURE. CHINATOWN. DIE HARD. See what I mean? Solid. Succinct. To the point.

I may go back to the original title – THE AMAZING DREAMSHIP ADVENTURE. It feels like it does a better job of conveying what the story’s about and what kind of ride you’re in for, but I wouldn’t put it past me to try and tweak it a little more.

It was also suggested that since this is more of a family-oriented kind of story, I should go the HARRY POTTER route and include the main character’s name. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Having a good, strong title is key because it and the logline create the first impression. Do an effective job with that and you’ve got their attention. Just make sure the script/story can hold onto it.

8 thoughts on “Because ‘Journal of the Whills’ just doesn’t cut it*

    • Nice! But it sounds more like something you’d hear in a psychiatrist’s office, rather than encapsulating a ‘swashbuckling rollercoaster ride of a story’.

  1. I rather like Dreamship as a title. Maybe The Dreamship but that word has some mystery to it. I don’t believe a longer title is necessarily a better one. Look at Flight of the Navigator, it ultimately ties into the story but the title is super generic.

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