Queries about queries

Do people still send actual letters?
Do people still send actual letters?

I started compiling a list of where to send my query letter when I realized I should probably have the letter ready first.

Previous versions have kept it simple. Brief intro, logline, 1-2 sentences about me, and that’s about it. Short, to the point, and hopefully effective.  Don’t know how much of an impact they’ll have, but there are a few me-oriented details I’d like to work in as well.

I’ve seen examples that suggest a few short paragraphs that flesh out the story a little, but that seems like too much.  If the logline doesn’t grab them, why would they want to read more?  I like to think mine’s pretty solid.

It’s also important to write the letter so it really stands out from the hundreds/thousands received daily*.  We all want someone to read our letter and automatically think “Now THAT’S something I want to read!”

It shouldn’t take too long to put a strong letter together. Once it’s ready, back to figuring out who should receive it.


*Absolutely true. I met with an agent who had started her own agency – just her and an assistant. They were getting approximately 50 letters a week. Imagine how many a powerhouse firm like ICM or WME gets. Every one is your competition.  Just something to keep in mind.

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