The thrill of gaining momentum

Hang on!

Ever have one of those days where you feel absolutely unstoppable? That you possess the ability to deftly take on any challenge and emerge victorious, not to mention completely unscathed?

Kind of how it is for me at the moment. Oh, how I wish I could bottle this for use at a future time. Like when my brain hurts from trying to think my way through a story problem.

I suspect a lot of this comes from really liking the results of the Act One rewrite. It feels a lot stronger now. (Next up – the daunting task of taking on Act Two.)

That sense of accomplishment is a huge ego boost for anybody, so cherish it and hang on to it as long as you can, because you know it’s not going to last. Sad, but true.

-I met with a script consultant yesterday (on a purely social level), and she was genuinely overwhelmed/surprised at how busy I was, especially in terms of producing material – the rewrite, outlining the new script, the blog, developing the podcast. It never occurred to me I was actually doing that much.  It’s all just part of what I do.

But it’s nice to know it impresses somebody.

(Incidentally, she offers one-on-one consulting, and a great weekend seminar on how to really improve your writing, which also includes a year of mentoring. Both definitely worth checking out.)

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