I suspected this would happen

Baklava has nothing to do with this post, but I could really go for some right about now

My creativeness did it again.

Looking over those notes* I got the other day has triggered the inevitable: more ideas for more scenes, or at least trying a new approach in some of them.

I originally thought the necessary rewrites would be quick and painless.

Ha. Silly boy.

The more I think about how to implement the suggestions from those notes, the more I devise potential alternate ways of telling the story while still keeping everything intact.

As always, it’s all about making the story stronger.

Going through this process also reminds me I don’t have to be hesitant to change things around. Chances are I could come up with something even better. Never know if I don’t try, right?

Most importantly, I want to avoid that burned-out feeling I was getting as I neared the end of the edits and polishes the last time around. If this ever starts to feel like work, then it’s time for a short break.

Which, knowing me, would probably trigger more ideas.

*Can’t believe I forgot to mention where I got the notes – right here. Definitely worth your while.

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