Counterattacking those 3 dreaded words

Writing the script was easy compared to getting past this

“No unsolicited submissions.”

Just thinking about them fills me with dread. Yet another obstacle to conquer.

Granted, this phrase was practically everywhere in the HCD section on production companies (the library didn’t have the Representation book). Figure maybe 1 out of every 150-175 companies were open to receiving, so it’s a safe bet they’re constantly getting bombarded with submissions. It’s enough to make a lesser writer throw up their arms and say “This is never going to work!”  I’ll still follow through with that select few and see if anything happens, but this is no time to throw a pity party.

The underlying theme for this stage has become “There HAS to be a way,” and thanks to living in the digital age, the most powerful tool in my arsenal is literally at my fingertips. And yours too.

Chances are you can find what you seek online if you’re willing to work at it.  I’ve been scouring websites, forums, etc. for suggestions about where to post my script for potential interested parties. There’ve been a few that seem to have potential. Some charge a small fee, some are free. It’s up to you to decide which works best for your needs. You might be hesitant to spend a couple of bucks, but isn’t it worth it if it gets you that much closer to reaching that goal?

Sure, this whole process is a crapshoot, but I’ve got nothing to lose and would rather keep plugging away than give up.

But I’m also confident about the quality of my script and am equally confident there’s somebody out there who will like it enough to want to do something about it. In the meantime, I’ll keep on doing what I’ve been doing – writing, researching and hoping for the best.

2 thoughts on “Counterattacking those 3 dreaded words

  1. Now comes the real work 🙂 Writer’s Digest/F & W Publications offers many good resources for writers. Your passion for your work will no doubt help you succeed. Good luck!

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