Yeah, this would probably help ease the pain

Hey look! It’s me!



I didn’t fare very well in that, did I?  Not going to argue. But in the end – it’s okay.

Most of his comments are probably spot-on, but comedy’s never really been my strong suit.  I liked the idea, and wanted to give it a go. I still like it, enough to even list it on my Scripts page.

This was the 2nd script I ever wrote. As you probably guessed, it’s not exactly fresh, but I liked it enough to submit it. I’ve written 5 more since then, and like to think I’ve improved.

It also got me a manager (we have since parted ways), and I even got an email a few months ago from a guy saying he really liked it. Proving once again that comedy really is subjective.

It would be way too easy to bitch and moan, but there’s no point. It’s all part of the process, and pushes me even harder to improve and succeed.

Pie, anyone?

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