Making the most of reverse engineering

They started with “How can we make a phone look like this?”

The past few days have been spent figuring my way through a handful of scenes, maybe 3 to 4 at the most. But these all lead up to the end of Act Two, which is supposed to be when “all seems lost” for our hero. He/she is so far away from achieving their goal, it’s scary. You can’t help but wonder “how in the world are they gonna get out of this?”

Way back when I was setting up the important plot points, I knew what the end of Act Two was going to be. As always, getting there is the biggest obstacle.  I tried different scenarios, but none of them seemed to fit.

Then it hit me. Go backwards. Since I know the end result, what would make the most sense to happen right before it?  And what happens before that? Repeat as necessary. All the while keeping in mind that each scene should also be advancing not only the story, but the theme and character’s development as well.  This can be more productive than you realize. It’s a good exercise in writing, but also helps develop your creativity.

End result – that much closer to finishing, and hoping to have a pretty solid outline by the end of the month.

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