The planets are aligning…

Just a little more to the right, okay Saturn?

…and I’m that much closer to a stronger, completed outline.  Maybe about 5-6 more scenes to fine-tune and I’m ready to go.  Confidence definitely running at higher levels.

I have to be careful because a few of those scenes are key to both their individual storylines AND to the overall plot.  Some of them don’t need too much work. It’s more of rewriting what I already had, but in a way that sounds better and stronger.  V is out all day tomorrow, which means I should be able to take care of most, if not all of the remaining scenes-in-progress.

Before I went into 2nd-rewrite mode, I was hoping to have a draft done by Labor Day. Ain’t gonna happen.  But school starts next week and for now my upcoming schedule appears to be on the light side, which I hope translates into 3-5 pages a day.  At that rate, I could be done by mid-September, which is also acceptable.

No Movie of the Moment. Been too busy bein’ a Dad.

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