Feedback, Inc.

I’m really proud of how the end of the first half of Act Two developed today. I managed to make my hero more proactive, which was somewhat of a problem in the previous draft.  I like how things are progressing.  Tomorrow – moving beyond the midpoint! Whoo!

-Despite wanting to put it off, I bit the bullet and told my rewrite client what I thought of her script.  And to be honest, it was what needed to be said.  But I wasn’t mean about it.  That benefits nobody.

I focused on the elements I had problems with, most of which are easy to fix with a more solid outline, a better comprehension of what a script should look like, and a general familiarity and knowledge about screenwriting basics.  Armed with those, and the time and effort put into consecutive drafts, this script could show a lot more potential.

A lot of writers trying to break in think they can crank out a draft, maybe one or two rewrites, and it’s perfect. Not so. Even worse, when you try and point what needs to be fixed, some can get very defensive.  How dare I even suggest such a thing?  Then they’ll wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t recognize their genius.

Hopefully this writer won’t curse my existence too much.  Now I’m wondering what the response will be to my comments.

-No Movie of the Moment today. Doing the midday shift cuts into my movie-watching time.  That and it is totally exhausting.

2 thoughts on “Feedback, Inc.

  1. But how many drafts are enough? Perhaps for screenwriting the routine is different than if you were doing a novel, so that’s where I’m coming from–you have different requirements than I thus the need for more “post production”, if you will. I think I’ve done as many as three rewrites (or revisions, really, because I do not start with blank paper each time) but I find the better I outline the less revision I need to do.

    • Not to disparage this writer’s effort, but if you saw the draft I did, you’d realize how much work it would need to look good. Basically – a whole lot.

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