Now entering Euphoria. Drive safely

I am in what can definitely be considered a state of giddiness. Sheer and unmitigated joy. The heavens have opened and are shining down upon me.

For today, I hit the halfway mark. And it feels freaking AWESOME!!

But it’s more than just reaching that point in the story. It’s also about how I got there. Yesterday I was concerned about the page count from where I left off. Today I was determined to reach the Point of No Return no matter what.

I had my characters in an already dicey situation, but needed to keep making it harder for them to come out ahead. A minor story point from earlier this week paid off in spades in terms of establishing more conflict. I saw an opportunity to insert another character that would create still another obstacle. The ideas were coming in fast and furious, to coin a phrase.

Sure, some of the scenes need to be fleshed out a bit, but they WORK! And at no time whatsoever was I ever concerned with page count. I knew what I wanted and needed, and followed through accordingly.

It felt absolutely incredible to fill in the blanks for something I was really stressing over just a week ago.

It would be even more incredible if I can make this kind of progress now that the latter half of Act Two is here. A little intimidating, but really quite exhilarating.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m having an absolute blast, and the best really is yet to come.

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