Short post; big problem

I realized what’s been bothering me about my main antagonist.  I haven’t fully figured out his goal.  I thought I did, but turns out I was wrong.

And until I do, I can’t move forward.

This is going to be tough.  But not impossible.  It’ll take some effort, but I’ve been down this path before.

Good thing I’m running into this now, during the outline process, rather than while writing actual pages.  That would suck even more.

Time to put the creativity into overdrive.

Stay tuned.

Quick Movie of the Moment: L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, which I was reminded of while reading THE GANGSTER SQUAD.  I stumbled upon it while channel surfing.  Damn, this is a finely executed piece of storytelling.  I still cry foul that this lost Best Picture to TITANIC.

There is so much packed into each scene, even the short ones.  It zooms by.  The first act alone is almost an entire story unto itself.  There are so many subplots throughout, each one connected to the others, and easy to follow.

I’m guessing this was supposed to be Guy Pearce’s breakout film, but the spotlight shone on a very young-looking Russell Crowe.

My only complaint: the Rollo Tamasi angle.  It seems a little too fabricated and Keyser Soze-ish to me.  But other than that, I really like this movie.