I feel refreshed! Rejuvenated!

I was going to just jump into BABY LIKES JAZZ, then decided I really needed a basic outline.

Then I remembered: I already have one!

I had completely forgotten I wrote it just over a month ago.  There were some tweaks and adjustments here and there, but I think it’s in pretty good shape.

Now I need to figure out if I use that to start on pages, or flesh it out a little bit.  If I can remember to make sure almost every scene has a joke, then I’ll be set.

Sometimes it really does amaze me when I find something I’d written weeks, or even months before, and the material still works; possibly even better than I expected.

That feels really cool.

Knowing me, I’ll probably want to flesh it out a little bit, but not too much.  If I really throw myself into this, there’s no reason it couldn’t be done relatively soon, which in itself is a relative term.  Although it WOULD be cool to go into the holiday season with at least a first draft done.

-I was thinking about this earlier regarding the writing group.  Some of the people are really good and offer great feedback.  My problem, and I’m sure it’s this way for others, is the lack of consistency in terms of meeting.  I say set up a time that works best for a majority of the members, and leave it at that.  If somebody can make it, great.  If not, better luck next time.

I thrive on feedback, and when I don’t get it, I start to doubt my abilities.  And I do not like that.

Did I mention I’m feeling really good right now?  Like I can take on the whole Empire and all that.

Fingers firmly crossed hoping it lasts.

No Movie of the Moment, but we watched another episode of PUSHING DAISIES last night.  The writing on that show was simply incredible.  Clever, smart, original and other words of high praise.



I think I mentioned there was this listing on Craigslist last week for somebody looking for a writer to put together a ‘mash-up’ story involving the Old West, goth horror and martial arts.

So I wrote in, expressing interest.  The guy wrote back relatively quickly and included his 20-page treatment.

It was interesting.  But I’m not sure so much backstory has to go into a treatment.  I always thought it was more or less a prose-style summary of the story being told on the page.  I’ll have to look into that.

But getting back to his treatment…

I think there’s something wrong when you don’t get to the main story until the middle of the 4th single-spaced page OF THE TREATMENT!  Way too much stuff beforehand that can easily be summed up in a scene or two.  And a whole lot of info about characters who are killed within a few pages.  Why so much?

I’m sure every writer is sick of hearing this, but there’s definitely a lot of potential in this thing.  It’s all a question of putting it all together.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a solid main storyline.  More like a lot of vignettes with a barely-there common thread.  And there are some scenes that seem to come out of nowhere.  For example: the lesbian love affair between the 2 main female characters.  How did this happen?  I hope it’s not just an excuse to have a nude scene.  There are more creative and story-based ways to do that.

So for the next day or two, I’ll be working on my scene.  I’m looking at this more like an exercise than a job application; a way to test/flex my writing muscles.

The guy asked about how much I thought it would cost, and I really had no idea.  I still don’t.  Is it by the hour?  By the page?  K suggests I ask for a co-writing credit.  If the guy is going to submit it to competitions or even take it out for representation, I think I’ll have earned at least my name in the mix.

And I wouldn’t say no to some cash either…

Almost forgot. I also wrote to that just-graduated film student looking for a ‘professional’ to proofread his script. I offered myself up for the gig.  I’ll be surprised if he responds, and even more surprised if he says yes.  I bet he won’t, but you never know.

Movie of the Moment:  We’ll probably watch the new episode of VENTURE BROS later.  I hope it’s better than last season; way disappointing.

But I can’ t recommend PUSHING DAISIES enough.  The writing and acting on it are so well done.  I think the fact it’s a smart, clever show that requires you to think is why it didn’t do well.  But we like it.

Since it’s only one season, which is about 12-13 shows, I’m trying to figure out what show to do next.  I keep going back and forth between BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and MAD MEN.  Decisions, decisions.

ENTOURAGE ended with Vince’s career in coke-fueled limbo and Ari’s marriage in trouble.  Virtually nothing about Drama. Turtle and this whole tequila thing – boring.  And E may have to sign a pre-nup.  I thought this show was about their lives in the industry.  That comment I read about this being SEX AND THE CITY for guys is becoming more true.  Now I just have to wait until next season…