It’s a routine, not a rut

Time to get to work!

It’s all about moving forward.

After way too much procrastination, I sat myself down and worked on the end of Act Two. What I came up with is okay; more of a temporary placeholder than anything else. But it also reminded me why I need to get my ass in gear and set aside time each and every day to write.

And this is something you should seriously consider, especially if you’re not doing it already.

Getting into a daily habit of writing is beneficial on several levels: It develops your skills. It sharpens your thought process. You make headway in whatever you’re working on. It opens your eyes to story details you otherwise might have missed.

All this from however long you can spare. If you don’t want to measure it by time, think of it in terms of what’s on the page. A certain number of scenes or pages per day. Maybe to the end of this particular sequence. Whatever works for you.

Not only will you get that much closer to getting done, but you’ll feel pretty darned good about yourself for making that progress.

It all boils down to making that commitment, and sticking with it. You’ll be amazed the good it will do you.

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