Hence the “re-” part

Part of my problem the past few days has been a combination of agonizing over each scene, hoping it works in the grand scheme of the overall script, and reading some of the selections for the past few weeks on ScriptShadow.

Despite how that last part may sound, I really enjoyed it.
Some were okay, while others were just jaw-on-the-floor amazing. Reading them reminds me of what I should be aspiring to, especially when it comes to making not only the story interesting, but the actual reading as well.

As always, I’m putting too much pressure on myself to try and make this current draft absolutely perfect. Which is a foolish endeavor, to say the least. It’s better to punch my way through, THEN go back and fix where necessary.

I get so caught up in trying to perfect what I’ve already done that I waste time looking back when I really should be charging ahead.

I’m around page 18 now and plan to get to the end of Act One early next week. Self-imposed deadline activated!

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