My eyes, they have been opened

Due to time constraints, I was only able to work on one scene, but it kicks off a subplot, so I wanted to make sure it set things up properly.

I had it planned as less than a page, but it was getting too close to almost a page and a half, which was way too much.  I erased the whole thing and remembered the adage “get in late, get out early.” I started over with just after the scene started, cut a little bit here and there, and ended where it served the scene and hopefully effectively set up the subplot, as well as before I started rambling.  End result – just under a page.

It really helped to write it out, then step back and figure how to tighten it up and get rid of anything that didn’t belong.  I don’t plan on doing this for every scene; just where it may be necessary.

It also made me realize there’s something different I want to do with the opening scene, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to make those changes, then get back on track.

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