Slow, steady, etc.

vital part of a self-editor's arsenal

Got to page 6, followed by the realization that scenes I had designated in the outline as, say half a page, were turning out more like three-quarters to almost a whole page. This could put a serious dent in my plan to fit the next 5 scenes into the next 4 pages. I suspect I’ll have some serious editing to do. I hope I don’t have to cut scenes, but if I do, so be it.

-Since Netflix drastically raised their rates, we’ve gone to the 1-disc/unlimited streaming plan. It’ll take some getting used to, since it was nice being able to finish one disc, send it back, watch the next one the next day, then get the first one’s replacement the day after that. Now we send it back, then deal with the 2-day gap.

I suspect I’ll watch more TV series via streaming since that appears to be an easier option.

On a whim, we checked out an episode of the old Spider-Man cartoon from the 60s. While the animation is still pretty simple, the colors looked brand spanking new. Really bold and vibrant.

This may finally be the kick in the pants I need to finally check out Battlestar Galactica.

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