Break out the party hats

This is my 200th post since starting this blog two years ago.  That’s a lot.

I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it.  When I first started, I was really bad about posting, then hardly posted at all. For months at a time.  K would occasionally ask “Did you write something on your blog today?” I would grumble some kind of response, then feel guilty for doing so, then feel even more guilty for not writing anything.

What kind of writer doesn’t want to write?

I decided to try and post on a much more regular basis sometime last July.  I couldn’t do every day, but maybe 3-4 times a week.  I figured if I could do this, then there’d be no reason I couldn’t do more script stuff as well.

It seemed to work.

Although I abandoned my attempt at comedy, I came up with what I consider a great idea for my next script, and decided to go through with the rewrite of a previous script.  It’s been fun.

I’ve tried to keep the topics interesting, even though I usually end up talking about my progress.  Hopefully it hasn’t bored you too much.

It’s also been a real kick to write about scripts I’ve read, or films I’ve seen.  There are so mnay great examples of each out there, and I love finding them all.  Suggestions or recommendations are always welcome.

Sure, there are lots of other screenwriting blogs, many of which get a lot more hits and traffic than mine, but I don’t mind.  I enjoy documenting my progress, ruminating on any number of random subjects, and occasionally opening a window into the non-writing parts of my life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well, and thanks for coming along.

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